Have you heard from Jorn Barger?


Jorn has been located. While I do not have word from him personally, it appears he is, quite literally, "getting away from it all". Those near him, who had feared the worst, are glad he is safe and are respecting Jorn's wishes to keep him out of sight.

If there is further word, I will let you know.

Archived from December 2, 2003
Jorn Barger, editor of Robot Wisdom, is missing. He resides in Socorro, New Mexico, and was last seen there by his housemate in very early October. Most if not all of his possessions, including his ID card, are still at his residence.

Jorn is a prolific Usenet poster, but his last posting took place on September 30. His last posting on Slashdot was also on September 30. He last accessed his website via an FTP connection from Socorro on October 1.

If you have heard from Jorn since the end of September, or have any notion of his whereabouts, please contact Eric Wagoner at whereisjorn@ericwagoner.com.

Jorn Barger is one of the earliest webloggers, and indeed coined the term "weblog". Jorn's vocal political opinions, particularly his views on the mid-east conflicts (that have at times moved well into vitriol), have turned many people against him, but still... he's missing, both virtually and physically, and I for one would like to know where he is.