I will be directing Beckett's Waiting For Godot for Town & Gown's Second Stage season on April 14-16. This weblog will be a resource for me, for my actors and crew, and for anyone else with an interest in Godot. If you have anything that you would like to share with the other readers here, please send them to me at eric@ericwagoner.com.

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Monday, April 17, 2000
Waiting for Godot in various modes.
4/17/2000 9:03:02 AM

Friday, April 14, 2000
The show begins in three hours. The final rehearsal was rough, but I've had roughter dress rehearsals, and there were some outright brilliant spots. Knowing my actors, this'll turn out to be one heck of a good show.

And then I'll sleep...
4/14/2000 5:22:12 PM

Thursday, April 13, 2000
Last night's rehearsals went very well. My cast is returning to high spirits, and that makes things much better for everyone. The stage is complete, the lighting is done (and boy howdy does it look nice), and I'm putting the finishing touches on the incidental music - Kronos Quartet's Different Trains, Gardiner's conduction of Beethoven's Symphony No 9 Allegro Assai (Ode to Joy), and Cake's Prolong the Magic. One last rehearsal tonight, and then it's showtime.
4/13/2000 12:29:07 PM

Wednesday, April 12, 2000
The show opens in two days. This last week has been a challenge... my actors, all of them wonderful, fine actors, now realize just how difficult the roles are. Those of you that have read the script know how non-linear the lines are. Conversations are intertwined, non sequiters abound. Now that I think about it, it's not too different from a chatroom conversation, or email, or newsgroups for that matter. But imagine if you had to speak the same way you type. My actors have found it very difficult, and now there's doubt in their minds if they'll be ready in time. I think we will -- I've seen far greater miracles in theater. But it's draining them and me. So much of the show depends on the pacing. I feel more like a conductor than a director with this script, waving my baton and scowling at the bassoons falling farther and farther behind.

Don't get me wrong. It'll be a fine, fine show. It could still be a great show. In any event, it's been a tremendous amount of work. I'll be glad to see it done, but proud of what we've done. If you're reading this and you're here in Athens, I hope you come see the show.

Hope deferred maketh the something sick. Sometimes I feel it coming all the same. And then I go all queer. Relieved, and at the same time ... appalled. Appalled! -- Vladimir
4/12/2000 2:31:53 PM

Monday, March 20, 2000
I've been hanging two teaser posters about town. Here they are: The first and the second.
3/20/2000 3:50:07 PM

Friday, March 17, 2000
When this weblog first went public, I received an email from Gary Baum in California. His license plates read W8N4GDO, and he's written a very nice essay about the reactions he's gotten from them. Somehow I forgot to post this then.
3/17/2000 3:38:21 PM

Oh yes... I lost my Lucky due to a conflict with another show in town that weekend he'd already committed to. I'll now be playing the part.
3/17/2000 3:31:11 PM

Act One is now officially blocked. That means that the actors all know when and where to move as well as how and what and when to talk. We'll finish Act Two next week, and it'll be all repetition from there.
3/17/2000 3:29:05 PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2000
Here is the homepage for the Colgate class whose annotated script I linked to the other day. It seems the entire focus of the class was Lucky's single speech. A whole semester of that? I dunno... could be fun, I guess. The page does have a scanned in cover of the script book with the art I shamelessly stole for this weblog's title graphic.
2/23/2000 5:49:39 PM

The Boy -- Gogo -- DidiDidi -- Lucky (obscured) -- PozzoRehearsals have begun. Here's the cast at our first read-through.
2/23/2000 5:28:17 PM

Friday, February 18, 2000
From UGA English department's Matt Kozusko came Colgate University's online annotated script for Waiting for Godot. Dr. Kozusko is teaching the play to his freshman students here in Athens, and will be finishing the unit just in time for them to come see the production. He found this weblog (and learned of the performance) after searching the web for resources.
2/18/2000 4:14:38 PM

Monday, January 24, 2000
I've uploaded the script we'll be using. There's a MS Word 97 version and an HTML version. I've cast Pozzo as a female, so this script has pronoun changes and some of the stage directions have been re-written to reflect our stage.
1/24/2000 8:25:41 AM

Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Here's a nice summary of the play. If found yourself here but don't know what all the hubbub's about, take a look there.
1/12/2000 10:33:13 AM

Tuesday, November 30, 1999
This page may be the most comprehensive web resource on Samuel Beckett. It includes biography, scholarly research, reviews, on-line texts, and everything else you might possibly want to know -- including details of Beckett's career as a cricketer.
11/30/1999 1:32:52 PM

Saturday, November 27, 1999
The Surveillance Camera Players practice guerilla theater in front of security cameras to protest the growing use of those devices. Included in the many shows they have done is a four-minute silent version of Godot. You can watch a quicktime video of their performance or read the script (such as it is).
11/27/1999 12:38:56 PM

The Coming of Godot is a short essay by Bill Kenwright, who directed the English premier of Godot in London. It describes the reception the play got, as well as what happened to him personally because of it.
11/27/1999 12:32:44 PM


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