Live Demonstration of Slingshot

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The last week has seen a lot of changes to the Slingshot codebase that have made much of my previous work obsolete. That’s OK, though… the newest code takes care of a lot of the troubles I had getting things going.

I’m going to be doing a live demonstration of Slingshot in its entirety tomorrow evening at the Atlanta Ruby User Group meeting. I’ve spent the weekend making a dirt-simple Personal Inventory Application. It’s up and running on my accelerator right now, and I’m packing up a Slingshot application to download. I’ll show what goes into making an application Slingshot-ready and how to create the Slingshot application itself. Those in attendance with Macs* will be able to get online, create an account, download the Slnigshot application, sync the data down, go offline, make changes, go online, and sync those changes back up. Should be good times!

If you’re at all interested, come on by. If you RSVP, we’ll even have enough pizza to go around.

*Slingshot is not yet ready for Windows. If it is by tomorrow and I can easily package the app, I’ll let the Windows users play along too.


The final product

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I put my RailsDay entry at weather.ericwagoner.com. It’s exactly as it stood after 24 hours, typos and bugs and all.


Pencils Down!

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I finished with four minutes to spare. Here’s a shot of the front page of the app. It turned out pretty nice for 24 hours… though I’ve seen screenshots of some of the competition and wowsers!

22 Hours Gone

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I’ve now got a complete application. I could be adding bells and whistles, but with only two hours to go, it’s time to clean everything up, do some final testing, write some simple instructions to the judges, and let it go.

20 Hours and Still Going

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Four hours to go! Here’s another screenshot. On a whim I tried a “Rock Star (diet) Energy Drink”. It’s like condensed cool-aid with a few Flinstones vitamin pills crushed in. Yum yum!

RailsDay Progress

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After 15hrs (including a four hour nap and some quality Vivian time), I’ve got the makings of a nice little app. Here’s a screenshot of the work so far.


RailsRay 2006

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I’m comfortable enough with Ruby on Rails now to participate in RailsDay 2006, a 24-hour challenge to build a web application from start to finish. There’re lots of cool prizes, the best of all possible judges, and no small number of participants. It all starts at 12 midnight tonight (Eastern), and we’ll have the next 24 hours exactly to build something cool.

Myself, I’m building a weather tracking application (shhh… keep it under your hat!). We’ll see how it goes. This page will show my activity in real-time, if you happen to wander by here on Saturday.

In other news, the #1 magazine for market farmers (Growing for Market) has for its current cover story a lengthy article about my latest public project — FarmNotebook. So far the reception has been quite positive. It was a great article (since they let me write it) that makes a strong case for using my website.