The Final Cut (Maybe)

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I got some great feedback on my video, and I’ve made another cut to reflect them. I inserted 11 seconds at the beginning to set up the local food idea (something I’d cut out earlier in the editing), and to make up for that time I trimmed 11 seconds in several bits throughout the rest of the video. The result is a better story, but with maybe slightly less production quality. It’s supposed to be amateur, and the story is paramount, so I’m OK with that.

What’s this for again? Think “American Idol”, only with cooking instead of singing. Hopefully “instead”, anyway. I’m not exactly known for my singing.


Another Victim of Reality TV Syndrome

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So, I’ve been watching “The Next Food Network Star” on (of all places) the Food Network, and I get to thinking, “Hey — I can do that better than they are!” And a little ad comes up saying that the network is now looking for contestants for the next season, and all it takes is a three minute video showing what I’ve got.

And here it is. I’ve got a few more days to re-edit it if I want before submitting, but I’m rather happy with it just as it is. How about you? Would you watch my show?

If you’re feeling adventurous, here’s a nine and a half minute lightly edited first cut of the video.


Well, this is easy.

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Turns put to be very easy to write on the weblog from the iPhone. Does this mean I’ll write more? Don’t know, but it can’t hurt.