Live Demonstration of Slingshot

Filed under:RailsDay, Joyent Slingshot — eric @ 4:21 pm

The last week has seen a lot of changes to the Slingshot codebase that have made much of my previous work obsolete. That’s OK, though… the newest code takes care of a lot of the troubles I had getting things going.

I’m going to be doing a live demonstration of Slingshot in its entirety tomorrow evening at the Atlanta Ruby User Group meeting. I’ve spent the weekend making a dirt-simple Personal Inventory Application. It’s up and running on my accelerator right now, and I’m packing up a Slingshot application to download. I’ll show what goes into making an application Slingshot-ready and how to create the Slingshot application itself. Those in attendance with Macs* will be able to get online, create an account, download the Slnigshot application, sync the data down, go offline, make changes, go online, and sync those changes back up. Should be good times!

If you’re at all interested, come on by. If you RSVP, we’ll even have enough pizza to go around.

*Slingshot is not yet ready for Windows. If it is by tomorrow and I can easily package the app, I’ll let the Windows users play along too.