Successful Phone Call

Filed under:Ruby On Rails, Joyent Slingshot — eric @ 3:42 pm

I talked with David Young of Joyent and Jeff Mancuso of Magnetk (the developer of Slingshot). They asked me some details about locallygrown.net and possible offline use cases for it. We all agreed that it could very well be a good match for Slingshot, so the project will proceed.

They’ll be sending me a developer’s kit next week that will get me started. I did learn that I decide (at the controller level) what data (and controllers and actions) get taken offline and how the data gets merged back in. Slingshot provides the framework to get it done but I tell it *how* to do it. I like that.

Locallygrown.net is now sitting on a shared hosting server (don’t worry… I’m a good neighbor, or at least try to be). I’ll be migrating it over to a Joyent Accelerator, essentially a dedicated server running the Solaris operating system. This will allow for future growth, among other things. Since the move will be tied to getting Slingshot running, I’ll document that process here as well.