Meeting a cousin

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Vivian, Austin. Austin, Vivian.

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Three Months

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Dear Vivian,

We took you to your first party this month. You’re still not that active, so it’s a simple thing to take you out with us, no matter where we’re going. The diaper bag is about the only thing we have to remember to have. That won’t last long, I’m sure.

You’re becoming more and more aware of the world around you, and as you excercise your neck muscles, you’re able to see more of it, too. You’re not so content to just lie down and stare at the walls. Sounds and movements get your attention, and you strain trying to take it all in. You can’t control your hands yet, not even a little bit. But you know how to move your feet exactly where you want them to go. We hung a mirror with little dangly bits and a rolling ball in your daybed, and it took you no time at all to learn how to kick the ball just right so it spins and makes noise.

So, after three months, kicks ball with feet. I’d say you’re making plenty of progress. I think it’s going to be hard to stay ahead of you, actually.

All my love,