Two Months

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Dear Vivian,

You’ve been with us (on the outside, anyway) two months now, and each day is better than the last. You’ve gotten over the shock of the bright lights, loud noises, and changing temperatures, and you’re beginning to show signs of who you are. Most folks say you can’t really tell much about future personalities from the behaviors of a baby, but I’ve seen enough anecdotal evidence to know otherwise. I really like what you’ve shown us so far.

Now that you’ve got your surroundings figured out (except for those flowers on the bedroom wallpaper that keep you entranced for hours), you have leisure time. And just like your daddy, you like to spend that time playing games. The Avalon Hill games are all put away until you stop eating the counters, but your current favorite game is quite fun — “Show me your tongue!” You never tire of that game. Even if you’re a bit fussy, showing you my tongue elicits giggles. Then, you show me your tongue and it’s my turn to laugh. Fun, huh? Another new father, Matthew Baldwin, of Defective Yeti, has reviewed a whole bunch of baby games, so I’ve got some ideas for what to teach you next.

I’ve not been able to spend as much time with you this month as I would’ve liked. Besides doing my regular day-time work, I was offered an evening job directing a play. And, with bills to pay, I accepted their offer. So that’s where I’ve been the last few weeks’ worth of evenings, helping a large group of regular folks present a very funny story from eighty years ago. I’m looking forward to your getting old enough to play in the theater. You’re nearly there now — as soon as you start crawling I’ll see if anyone’s doing the stage version of Popeye. You’d make a mighty cute Swee’Pea.

The show’s over now, so I’ll be with you and your mom more. And that’s what I want most of all.

All my love,