Together at Last

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She gets to sleep with us tonight!

It’s all OK

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We just got to hold her for the first time. And even better, she got to nurse. Still in ICU, but she’s nearly all better!

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Quick Update

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In case you missed the photos over on the right, here’s a quick update: Vivian Ruth Wagoner arrived just after five o’clock Thursday morning. The last hour of labor, after we arrived at the hospital and Chris’s water broke, was rough on Vivian. An obstruction in the pelvis forced Chris into having a C-section, and reduced oxygen levels to Vivian during that last hour, combined with heavy meconium, put Vivian into the infant Intensive Care Unit, where she remains. Her readings are nearly back to normal, so we’re hoping Chris and Vivian can both be transferred to pediatrics for the final few days.

The full story, with more pictures, will follow when I can get it written.