Taking a break

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Labor is currently slow. Contractions are still coming, but they’ve been light most of the morning. They’re starting to pick up some, so we’re just relaxing at the birthing center.


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We’ve reached midnight, and not much has changed. We’re both going to try and rest for a while. Somehow, she’s managing to sleep through some of the contractions…

Still Laboring

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Contractions continued throughout the night, but progress has been slow. She is definately in the “uncomfortable” stage.

Laboring Away

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Nothing new to report. Chris is still laboring away, though not all that intensly. We know that it’s not unusual for a completely unmedicated woman to slowly labor for several days, and since this is our first, we can’t predict really how far along we are. The baby is being constantly monitored, and he or she is doing wonderfully. We’re both hoping to get introduced soon.