Settling In

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We’ve settled in for what looks like a long night. Contractions are three or four minutes apart, locallized to the lower uterus. We can expect the rest of the muscle to get in on the act as the night goes on. Dilation has been slow, but can speed up quickly. The baby is doing wonderfully, as is Chris. She’s napping, three minutes at a time.

Birthing News

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Yeah… I’m blogging from the birthing room. Labor contractions are coming fast and furious now.

If you’re folowing along in real time, be sure to watch for photos over there on the right.

Birthing Room

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We’re in our birthing room. All is well and progressing.

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It has begun…

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The stork just called; he’s on his way. We’re off to South Carolina to meet the new Wagoner. More news as we have it!