Going Home!

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In a suprise move, the hospital discharged mother and child. We’re going home!

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Daily Update

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Chris has been discharged, but Vivian has one more day under the care of the NICU, so they’ve let Chris keep her room for the night. Tomorrow, Vivian should be tranferred to the pediatric ward for one final day (where mommy gets a room as well). And then, on Tuesday, it looks like they can both go home.


Together at Last

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She gets to sleep with us tonight!

It’s all OK

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We just got to hold her for the first time. And even better, she got to nurse. Still in ICU, but she’s nearly all better!

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Quick Update

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In case you missed the photos over on the right, here’s a quick update: Vivian Ruth Wagoner arrived just after five o’clock Thursday morning. The last hour of labor, after we arrived at the hospital and Chris’s water broke, was rough on Vivian. An obstruction in the pelvis forced Chris into having a C-section, and reduced oxygen levels to Vivian during that last hour, combined with heavy meconium, put Vivian into the infant Intensive Care Unit, where she remains. Her readings are nearly back to normal, so we’re hoping Chris and Vivian can both be transferred to pediatrics for the final few days.

The full story, with more pictures, will follow when I can get it written.



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Without so many tubes sticking out of her, she can finally smile at us.
She’s ready to be with mommy, but the intensive care unit wants her for just
a little bit longer.

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Vivian Ruth

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Full Story to follow.

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To the hospital

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We’re going to go ahead and go to the hospital. It’s not at all an emergency situation, but we’ll get some more thourough tests done, and then (hopefully) quickly bring the baby out.

Entering the Finale

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After three very painful days, we’ve reached the end. No… no baby yet, but there will be one soon, one way or another.

Chris has been having regular contractions for over three days now, but they’ve only managed to open the cervix a little bit. They haven’t really been the full-powered type of contractions needed to do the job. But, there is something going on that is causing Chris an incredible amount of pain, and it’s been going on since the contractions started. We’re not sure what it is, but all of the dangerous complications have been ruled out, and the baby is unaffected by it. It may be something simple like a folded and pinched bladder that will go away when the real delivery starts. We’ve been waiting for that to happen, but it hasn’t. Perhaps the pain has been severe enough to shut down that part of the system, or something.

In any event, we’ve decided waiting it out isn’t an option anymore. We’ve begun an herbal treatment that will likely induce full labor in the next hour or two. In the event that that doesn’t work, we’ll be off to the hospital for, if nothing else, painkillers.

So that’s where we stand. I’ll let you know if we go to the hospital. If we don’t, I’ll update you as I can.

And to re-iterate… it hasn’t been a health issue up until now, only a pain issue. Both mother and child are physically doing well.


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Nothing new to report. I expect there will be something to report tonight, though.

We’ve been back at the birth center since late last night, playing the waiting game (obSimpsonsQuote: “Ah, the waiting game sucks. Let’s play ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’!”). But the waiting is coming to an end, and something will happen soon.


Taking a Break

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We’ve entered day three of Baby Watch with not much to report. She’s still laboring but not dilating. It’s been a long drawn-out “first stage” for her. The nature of the contractions are slowly changing and moving toward the type that will open the door and let the baby out.

We’re going home for a little while. We may return to the birthing center tonight, but the contractions will tell us when.


Taking a break

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Labor is currently slow. Contractions are still coming, but they’ve been light most of the morning. They’re starting to pick up some, so we’re just relaxing at the birthing center.


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We’ve reached midnight, and not much has changed. We’re both going to try and rest for a while. Somehow, she’s managing to sleep through some of the contractions…

Still Laboring

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Contractions continued throughout the night, but progress has been slow. She is definately in the “uncomfortable” stage.

Laboring Away

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Nothing new to report. Chris is still laboring away, though not all that intensly. We know that it’s not unusual for a completely unmedicated woman to slowly labor for several days, and since this is our first, we can’t predict really how far along we are. The baby is being constantly monitored, and he or she is doing wonderfully. We’re both hoping to get introduced soon.


Settling In

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We’ve settled in for what looks like a long night. Contractions are three or four minutes apart, locallized to the lower uterus. We can expect the rest of the muscle to get in on the act as the night goes on. Dilation has been slow, but can speed up quickly. The baby is doing wonderfully, as is Chris. She’s napping, three minutes at a time.

Birthing News

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Yeah… I’m blogging from the birthing room. Labor contractions are coming fast and furious now.

If you’re folowing along in real time, be sure to watch for photos over there on the right.

Birthing Room

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We’re in our birthing room. All is well and progressing.

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It has begun…

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The stork just called; he’s on his way. We’re off to South Carolina to meet the new Wagoner. More news as we have it!


Five years

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Five years ago today, I posted the very first entry to this weblog. Before I began writing publicly here, I’d never been able to keep a journal for more than a month or so, despite wanting to. It’s had some slow spots (more so recently, of course), but there’s a steady stream of babble archived here now — my screen shows “Total Posts: 1596 | Total Comments: 1788″.

Any day now, I’ll have someone brand new to write to. These past five years have just been a warm-up.

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