Baby News

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I’ve been chastised for not providing baby news. All is as it should be. As Georgia is one of the few places in the world where both home births and direct-entry midwives (the kind that don’t take their orders directly from an OB) are illegal, we are using the services of a wonderful midwife with a birthing center across the state line in South Carolina. We see her once a month, and everything and everyone is right on course.

I’d show you a pretty picture of the young’un, but we don’t have one. Nor will we. It turns out that for the uninsured, ultrasounds are very expensive. At my wife’s last visit to her OB, we were quoted a figure in the several hundreds of dollars. So — no picture. If you’re wondering about the diagnostic abilities of ultrasounds, there are other ways to “see” everything the picture shows you. So, we haven’t lost out on any knowledge, other than the gender, which we don’t want to know.

Speaking of gender, we’ve entered the realm of Baby Names. I think we’ve settled on a girl’s name (nope, not telling), but boy’s names are much harder.

If we do have a boy, I would like to name him Bartleby, but my wife would prefer not to.