Another week?

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I’m certainly not trying to turn this into a weekly weblog, but it’s sort of happened that way of late.

It’s been a busy week on the farm. All the seeds are in, but it’s been far too soggy t odo anything about it. We’ve had standing water most everywhere for a week or so. So I’ve used the time to get a few side projects done. I wrote a magazine article on our method of pasturing hens (due to be published later this Spring). I’ve got another web article due out this next week. Now that we’re in charge of the Locally Grown co-op, I’ve been slowly trying to get that back off the ground. There’s been problems, though, as the two biggest member farms aren’t farming this year and several of the others have sort of lost interest. Also, the annual Georgia Organics conference is this weekend, in Athens even, and I’m presenting three workshops. One as part of a panel on community-supported agriculture, one on the co-op, and one on our chickens. So, even though there’s no produce yet, I’ve still been busy selling.

Hopefully I can get back on track with the farm’s photo of the day bit. I’ve taken quite a lot of photos, but they’ve all been of rain and mud, so I didn’t bother to use them.