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I’ve had several people email my phone today. Unfortunately, Cingular’s GPRS system (the method the phone uses to get online) is down today. As it was yesterday. So… I know I have emails waiting, but I don’t know what they are or who sent them.

By the way, this has turned out to be a pretty neat trick. Here’s what I do: phone@ericwagoner.com is actually in intermediate email address. Any mail sent there gets forwarded to a second (secret) emaill account that I can access with the phone’s email software. Another copy gets forwarded to the phone’s SMS emaill address (provided by Cingular). So, I get “paged” with a short excerpt of the email, and can then download the full text at my lesure. Works great, assuming there’s an internet signal.

Interestingly, a friend in California reports that T-Mobile’s GPRS system is out of service there, too.

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  1. Actually, it turned out to be a problem in T-Mobile’s user database, rather than the network itself — though I guess others were experiencing network problems at the same time. By the way, I received a couple of text messages from you (at least, I assume they were from you), but they only came through as links, instructing me to visit a website at Cingular, so I could see the message content. When I tried to get the content, though, the Cingular website wouldn’t let me in.

    Comment by Jason — 12/17/2003 @ 12:00 pm

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