Happy New Year

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Here comes another year, and it looks like this one might be the most event-filled yet. As a brief cryptic comment posted from the cameraphone last week announced, my wife and I are expecting our first child, due in very early August. We’ve been looking for a care provider for us who can help us acheive a natural birth, and we have a promising candidate across the state line in South Carolina. We’d wanted a home birth, but those are illegal in Georgia. There is a network of “underground” midwives in the state, but none were close enough to us to be comfortable accepting us as patients, so we adapted the plan a bit. In South Carolina, midwives are legal and state licensed, so there is no sculking around needed.

I’m really excited, and more so since my fellow former junta leader Jason is going through the same thing, and only a week or two behind.


Big Bone

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Big dog

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Ho ho ho!

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And baby makes three

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Back from the Dead

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As the phone photos suggest, we went up to Missouri a week and a half ago for my sister A’s wedding. While there we both managed to pick up the nasty flu that is going around. A word to the wise - avoid that stuff like, well, the plague. We each had a 102 fever for four days or more, and had to in back to childhood diseases to remember when we’d felt as bad. Now, ten days later, we have recovered, save for the gallons of goo still in our lungs.



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For Jason

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Good Eats

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Wired Magazine

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It’s not everyday I get mentioned in Wired.

American Coup

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For you speculative fiction fans out there, here is a first-person account of The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012, written from the perspective of a military officer sentenced to death for speaking against the coup. In reality, the author is Lieutenant Colonel Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., USAF, and the peice was written in 1992 to voice concerns over the direction of the military. I wonder if he is just as concerned now, 11 years later.


To Market

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Three Kings

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Projectile Sweating

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Cathy: America’s Sweat-heart” — an analysis of comic-strip character Cathy’s excessive sweating, and am amateur medical diagnosis.

Cathy has been in the funny pages for over 25 years. I don’t know if she’ll ever fit into that stupid bikini, and I don’t really care. What I’m possessed by is just how much she sweats. Frankly, I’m worried about her.


Bill Watterson

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Speaking of missing, Bill Watterson, creater of Calvin and Hobbs, is currently not being seen. That didn’t stop James Renner from trying.

Have you heard from Jorn Barger?

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Jorn Barger, editor of Robot Wisdom, is missing. Have you heard from him?

Phone Connectivity

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I’ve had several people email my phone today. Unfortunately, Cingular’s GPRS system (the method the phone uses to get online) is down today. As it was yesterday. So… I know I have emails waiting, but I don’t know what they are or who sent them.

By the way, this has turned out to be a pretty neat trick. Here’s what I do: phone@ericwagoner.com is actually in intermediate email address. Any mail sent there gets forwarded to a second (secret) emaill account that I can access with the phone’s email software. Another copy gets forwarded to the phone’s SMS emaill address (provided by Cingular). So, I get “paged” with a short excerpt of the email, and can then download the full text at my lesure. Works great, assuming there’s an internet signal.

Interestingly, a friend in California reports that T-Mobile’s GPRS system is out of service there, too.