Oklahoma is OK

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By 2am last night, I’d almost gotten us to Memphis, but then I got sleepy. But Chris was just waking up so we switched places and here it is 8:15am (local time) and we’ve just passed through Oklahoma City. The only item of note thus far is I’va actually been able to connect to the internet using my Handspring Visor — something Cingular has been tharting for some time now. Next on our path: Amarillo and then a turn northward to Capulin volcano in Northeast New Mexico.


Wacka wacka doodoo yeah

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Today Chris & I travel to a magical, far away place where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer and the towels are oh so fluffy where the shriners and the lepers play their ukuleles all day long and anyone on the street will glady shave your back for a nickel — Albuquerque. Though likely we’ll just be passing through as we visit the more interesting portions of New Mexico over the next two weeks.


Remaindered Links

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We don’t want Mr. Peanut to be a crude huckster, using his monocled appearance to hit on chicks. . . . That would be scary.: The specific guidelines and rules of thumb that govern corporate fictional mascots.

I like fonts. Did you see the goat?: See all your installed fonts using this cross-browser web application.

To the average person they would seem like ordinary stones you would find on the beach: Archaeologists learning how to scuba dive discover preserved stone-age settlements.

Nationally, two acres of farmland are lost every minute: But here in North Georgia, it’s disappearing much, much faster.

Are you a Windows user who hates RealPlayer and QuickTime because of all their bloat and disrespect for the user (such as installing icons all over and constantly running “quickstart” programs when you tell them not to), but put up with them because you need to view the content? Rejoice! There are alternatives.


Just checkin’ in

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Just so you all don’t think I’ve gone away somewhere… [that won’t happen for another couple weeks yet]

Another couple items got knocked off the to-do list. The company I work for moved to new offices over the weekend. I had a day trip on Monday, though, so my first day in the new digs was Tuesday. Too much work to get through to properly unpack, however, so that still needs to happen. Luckily, I don’t have much.

Our Town, the play I’m directing (and acting in) opened to what might be termed thunderous applause last night. It runs through Sunday at the Commerce Cultural Center, for those of you reading this close by. Showtimes are 8pm with a 2pm Sunday matinee. The Cultural Center is in downtown Commerce, Georgia, right behind the newish Civic Center. Downtown only has one main street, so it’s not too hard to find.

Haven’t been able to make it to market the last three weeks (including tomorrow). A combination of not enough to harvest and a spate of Friday night commitments have put a hiatus on going to market. There are a few fall items growing and I’ll put more in the ground tomorrow, so there may be a return to market in November. Our first frost is right around the corner — it may have actually happened last night.

Had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and so I got myself a present. Didn’t buy from Amazon, though — got a great deal on a new unit on eBay instead. It’s wonderful. 20 gigs of music, video, and photos in my pocket is a good thing. I’ve got all of my CDs with me now, wherever I am. And all of my farm photos, too, which has been helpful already in my efforts to make a bit of money off of them. More on that bit another time…


I’ve got somethin’ that I wanna say

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Chicken in the car, and the car won’t go . . .