Revisiting American Hollow

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Back in April of 2001, I posted a short entry about American Hollow, a documentary film with an accompanying website about a family that has lived in the same isolated hollow in Kentucky for seven generations. Somehow, that entry has become the place on the web to talk about the film, and comments have been left by both viewers and family members who are quite close to those featured in the film. It’s been a pretty neat thing to sit back and watch, and it’s things like this that make me glad I started this website.

This weblog recently passed its fourth anniversary. In years past, I’ve marked the occasion with a collection of highlights from the months-gone-by. I’ve got something different I want to do this time (even if it is a little late). I mention it here as a reminder to myself to get it done already.

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  1. When is this documentary going to be on again, or how can I obtain a video copy? Please mail me at

    Thank you!!!

    Comment by Sara — 9/19/2003 @ 10:31 am

  2. When is this documentary going to be aired again, or where can I purchase a videotaped copy of it?

    Comment by Lisa Ferri — 10/28/2003 @ 7:49 am

  3. Eric, would you mind to pass this url onto folks wishing to still talk about American hollow?


    Comment by Sam — 6/27/2004 @ 3:43 am

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