One thing down

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One of the items that has kept me busy of late is now behind me. The farming cooperative I belong to, in conjunction with Athens’ Daily Grocery Cooperative, has held a rotating “farmer for a day” and farm tour each month. Sunday was our farm’s turn. To get ready, I had a huge amount of clean-up to do, such as mowing and brush clearing, as well as bed preperation, minor barn work, and other odds and ends. Sunday morning came and we had a dozen or so volunteers for the “farmer for a day” portion of the event. We herded chickens to a fresh pasture, planted many fall seedlings, stretched a shadecloth skin on the second greenhouse, and cleaned up and made some structural improvements to the barn. Several weeks’ worth of work got done in two hours with all that help. Then we had a pleasant lunch by the river and held the tour, adding some more people along the way. The weather was perfect, and it was great to have the help and the wonderful feedback from those attending.

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