Theater == Profit$

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I held the first night of auditions last night for The Cold Sassy Players’ upcoming production of Our Town in Commerce. The show runs the first week of October.Like my other directing work for this theater, I’ll be paid for my efforts. Exactly enough, in fact, to fund a two-week vacation to New Mexico in late October. Two years to the day after our wedding, we’ll finally get to go on a honeymoon!

M has groused about the lack of announced activities for the weekend we will all be back in Socorro. It’s 49′ers weekend, the closest thing to a homecoming that our nerd school has. I haven’t spoke with the alumni office, but I can name some of the activities: Riding block of ice down the big hill on the golf course, (not) throwing darts at the cue ball at The Capitol Bar, biking along the arroyos (maybe all the way to the Coyote Moon in Lemitar (roses are red, violets are blue, I’m going to Lemitar so … ), eating wicky-soaked fruit late at night in Box Canyon, driving to Pie Town (with stops at the VLA and the Eagle Guest Ranch for ginormous steaks), walking through the Bosque del Apache, stopping by the Owl Bar for green chile cheeseburgers, having stacked Enchiladas del Mar at El Sombrero, eating at la Pacadita several times, having coffee at Martha’s Black Dog, playing Wiz War over a plate of fries and gravy at El Camino, looking for pottery sherds on the hills south of town, and enjoying the company of all of those I know that are also visiting or live there still. Should be a full two weeks, and I know I’ve forgotten to list plenty.

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More Press

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I finally got around to finding a copy of this season’s Northeast Georgia Living Magazine. One of the cover stories is called “Home on the Free Range” and talks about the new organic labelling requirements from the USDA. The author talks about how some farmers are choosing to not get official certification and instead let the customers “certify” the product by getting to know the farmers and their practices and deciding for themselves whether the product is one they wish to buy. He has a few quotes from one such pair of local farmers, Chris and Eric Wagoner of Boann’s Banks.

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