This is the Skyfish Project.

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High in the mountains of northern British Columbia is a lake the Tahltan people call Skyfish. It exists still as it has existed always – guarded by strong forests, water so clear you can see the fish strike. It is a world of biodiversity and tranquility. A world with clean air, abundant food, and fresh water. Skyfish is a world to which everyone should have the right.

But most of us live in another world - a place where consumption and excess exists beside poverty and pollution. We exist in a schizophrenic society, in a time when we can no longer afford to be unawarse of the consequences of pollution and globalization, or of the values of our current economic system - when the effects of one nation’s lifestyle can have an impact on all others. Now, more than ever, we live in a time when our thoughts and actions really matter.

The Skyfish Project is an arena for thoughts and action. A forum for examining and questioning the world we live in, and the world we are creating. To talk about the way we live our lives, and the way we’d like to live. If we want to move towards a better, balanced way of living, we must first identify a new vision of the future.

The Skyfish Project is a place to connect on ideas and issues. It’s a place to learn from others, and share what you know. It’s an invitation to question the world you live in; and a challenge to take action and responsibility for the way you live your life.

Welcome to the Skyfish Project.

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