Poem and a picture

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Be sure to check out today’s farm photo. Not only to you get a mediocre picture, you also get a haiku!

Unfortunately, there may not be more photos this week until I get my hardware back up.

Hard Drive Dead

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The primary hard drive on my work computer, where I spend much of my computer time, died over the weekend. I’ve spent today installing a new drive and now have the long task of re-installing all of my applications ahead of me. There were a few things on the old drive that might be lost forever, though I’m holding out hope that I can recover the data. Among the missing: six years of email, many miscellaneous documents, twenty gigs of ripped CDs, and all of my digital photography. The only thing I’d really be upset at losing would be the photos.

Just yesterday I was pricing external hard drives so I could have a backup of all the pictures. Still can’t afford it. If I do manage to recover them, I’ll figure out a way to archive them. Burn them to multiple CDs, if nothing else.

Washington Post tours Athens

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Come tour Athens with guides Cindy Wilson and Keith Strickland of the B-52’s, courtesy of the Washington Post.