“Yo la Tenga!”

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Following the nifty new “what I’m listening to” link on my post below, I found this little anecdote about Jon Little, (former?) lead singer for the Ant Farmers.

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Sister’s Birthday

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Sunday was my eldest sister’s birthday. I hope it was a happy one, A! You’re not as old as I yet, but you’re getting there…

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I’m back

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July 1st seems like a good time to end my “sabbatical” from this page. Thanks to those who wrote to me about my unannounced leave of absence!

The weather dried up for much of those two weeks, so pretty much every moment I wasn’t in the office was spent out in the fields. Planting is done, except for successive plantings of beans and an attempted late planting of melons and okra. It’s been a very frustrating year thus far at the farm. We’re still doing better than we did last year, but not nearly as well as I’d hoped. The play I found myself directing made me miss an early planting window that was followed by two months of continuous rain that kept the spring harvest low and pushed the summer crops way back. One consolation is that most of the other farmers missed the early window too, or only got a few things in. No one has more than a handful of tomatoes, for example, when normally there would be plenty. I’ve not even got a handful yet — only a few plants have made it to the first support wire on the trellising system. We have very few items to take to market right now, but it is the height of blackberry season so we’ve still managed to do all right. Even with a downpour that began right when I got home to harvest Friday and ended right as market closed Saturday afternoon, we sold out of everything we had.

The weather combined with the loss of several dear friendships over an egotistical fit really managed to damage my psyche. Normally, when I get to feeling low, I turn to two things to bring me around. Theater and gardening. [Don’t let the fact that I am prolific with both make you think I’m one depressed soul!] This time, both were denied me. Or at least robbed of their therapeutic qualities. Six weeks ago, I was in a deep dark funk — but I’m much better now. I’ve spent the last few weeks healing from the inside out. Part of that process included announcing that I wouldn’t accept a second term as theater president, and that surprised a few people. We are celebrating fifty years of operation this upcoming season, and many people had assumed I would continue to serve through next year. Of course dealing with events this spring took a lot out of me (I’ve now been on the board five consecutive years), but the real reason is timing. The main celebrations occur next April, and I’m not about to let the theater interfere with another year of gardening. April is when the farm keeps me the busiest, and that is what I’ll be doing.

So anyway, here I am!

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