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You know how a tooth way back in the back cracks some (because you have too many teeth in your head for how much jaw you have [but you can’t cough up the several thousand dollars the dentists want to fix the problem because the dental insurance you used to have got canceled when the parent company went bankrupt right after you paid up through the 24 month waiting period required for major oral surgery] and the pressure finally caused the tooth to snap) and little pieces have fallen off exposing the nerves a bit, and how “some discomfort” arises, but you just have to put up with it because the dental discount plan you found doesn’t take effect until May 1st (and on top of that you have to find a new dentist nowhere near you because no dentists within 60 miles accept the plan, meaning you’ll have to transfer all your records from the good local dentist you like and spend half a day driving for several appointments)? Yeah. I hate it when that happens.


  1. I was eating lunch the other day with some persons of a definate right-wing bent, it came up that one of the persons former employees recently quit so that the former employee could move to the land of his forefolks, Sweden! After it was discussed if this emmigree could indeed speak Swedish, the question, “How does he like it there?” came up. The answer was, “He likes it fine, especially all the neat-o government programs, particularly the socialized medicine program.” The other right-wingers, the ones who were asking about goings-on of former employee, said something like, “Yeah, but he’ll get crappy service from the gummint assigned doctor and will need to ask permission and wait in long waiting lists if he needs an oporation. So sure, he likes it now whilst he’s young, has no kids, and pays no property tax, but someday (presumably when he grows up) and starts ‘pulling his own weight,’ he will begrudge socialized medicine every bit as much as we do here in Amurrica!” Whilst this was being said and assented to by all present, I was thinking (but for Gosh sakes not expressing) that the current employer-provided HMO that I enjoy, 1) assigns a doctor to me, 2) makes me ask permission to talk to a specialist or get a second opinion, 3) puts me on a very long waiting list for “non-life threatening” (as the HMO sees it) procedures, etc. In short, my current health insurance has all the major detrimints of the hated socialized medicine, but none of the attritibutes. But the various righties (my supervisor and his supervisor amoung them) don’t have my health “care” plan. They have a much better plan which I don’t know if I can afford it because it never was and never will be offered to the lowly peons of the company I work for. They’ve got theirs and screw everybody else! Grrr…

    Anyhoo, I don’t think that this screed could possibly have done anything to ameliorate your tooth problem, Eric, but I’m pulling for you (If I were a more religious man, you’d be in my prayers. Alas.)! I hope you can get your tooth looked at soon! Be well!

    Comment by Anonymous — 4/24/2003 @ 2:57 am

  2. Don’t you just hate it when you are the boss and you find good dental insurance that has no waiting periods and only costs $22 a month and your company can afford to pay for it and your employees need it…and your board gives you crap about it and tries to convince you not to get it and they keep stonewalling you even though you’re ready to sign up? I hate it when that happens. Maybe I’ll send them a link to your page…(or not). Oh…by the way…check out Met Life, they will handle small companies.

    Comment by M — 4/24/2003 @ 4:38 am

  3. I know exactly how you feel.

    Comment by K. Scott — 4/25/2003 @ 12:26 pm

  4. i have toothed and it is very pain ful for me that
    i could not overcome it though i have operated twice but the tooth conditions are the same.
    so plz suggest me what should i do now

    Comment by syed — 7/27/2003 @ 7:14 am

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