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You know how a tooth way back in the back cracks some (because you have too many teeth in your head for how much jaw you have [but you can’t cough up the several thousand dollars the dentists want to fix the problem because the dental insurance you used to have got canceled when the parent company went bankrupt right after you paid up through the 24 month waiting period required for major oral surgery] and the pressure finally caused the tooth to snap) and little pieces have fallen off exposing the nerves a bit, and how “some discomfort” arises, but you just have to put up with it because the dental discount plan you found doesn’t take effect until May 1st (and on top of that you have to find a new dentist nowhere near you because no dentists within 60 miles accept the plan, meaning you’ll have to transfer all your records from the good local dentist you like and spend half a day driving for several appointments)? Yeah. I hate it when that happens.