The water’s retreat

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I went down this morning to take pictures of the river where greenhouses ought to be, but it had receded some overnight. The high water mark was about a foot high inside the greenhouses, but everything inside survived just fine. The water wasn’t fast-moving there, so it merely rose up the legs of the tables.

At its highest, it was only a few vertical inches and less than ten horizontal feet from the 100-year flood line. Our well house was under a couple feet of water, but nothing there was damaged. Assuming we get no rain today (it would be our first rain-free day in the last thirteen — there’s only “a chance of thunderstorms” forecast), the waters damaged nothing of ours. And who knows, maybe they’ll deposit something interesting on our beach on the way out.

Blue Taskmaster

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“My Blue Taskmaster”

This week’s Photo Friday topic is blue.