Congressional Record

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In Congress, a member can (and almost always does) give a speech on the floor during a session, and then later on submit a written version that can go far beyond what was actually said. It is the written version that becomes the official Congressional Record. Almost always the congressman uses this technique merely to expand and clarify upon the speech, but it has been used by some to insert into the official record items that they intentionally wanted kept off the floor, the cameras, and out of the ears of any observers.

Pretty much this same situation has recently occured to me, and it’s turned out to bite me hard. I find no intent to evade on the part of the reportee, but my assumption that the oral and written versions were the same have culminated in a turn of events that has shaken a few dearly-held friendships to their very core and may have severely harmed my working relationship with an excellent community theater.

It has been a very hard, painful week. I see more farming in my future.