Photo Feature

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I mentioned a while back that I planned on purchasing a digital camera pretty soon. Well, I did — a Kodak DX4330. It’s quite a nice camera, and I found a bargain on eBay.

So, with a camera comes pictures. I’ve added a new feature here, jointly with my farm’s webpages. You’ll find it over on the right, labelled “farm photo of the day”. It’s my intention to have one picture here each day, taken on or around the farm. And, the code behind it is php/mysql, which means that I can upload pictures well in advance and this page will display the correct one each day, automatically switching at midnight (server time).

The bulk of the pages are over at the farm’s address, at www.boannsbanks.com/photolog. There, you can see the currect photo with caption, resize it according to your wishes, and browse all of the photos in the system by date, catagory, or photographer. I’m getting Chris in on this too, so you’ll get to see pictures from both of us.