Another week gone by

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It’s funny how you can blink and then another week has gone by. At least this week was a productive one (even if I never got around to writing here).

Fridays seem to be “Frozen Pipe Day” around here. I spent a good chunk of last Saturday digging up a section of pipe between the well and the house that had burst. One I found it, it wasn’t that hard to repair, but still, there went most of the day. Last night, it froze but didn’t burst. Still took a few hours to thaw, but I didn’t have to splice pipe.

Got a nice touch of winter precipitation Thursday night. Enough ice to make things slippery and freeze the car doors shut (Note to self: don’t forget to replace broken car door handle), then not quite an inch of snow on top of that. There’s still some on the ground now — it’s been right cold here. The puppy finally decided she liked snow, and the chickens never did figure it out.

This year’s taxes were the first time they’ve been complicated. Between buying a house and operating a farm, there were all sorts of forms to fill out. Nineteen pages, by the time I got done. Thanks to TurboTax, it wasn’t at all hard, and we’ll manage to get back more than half of the taxes we’d already paid. By the books, the farm had a net loss of $7,499 — but I’m actually quite happy with that. A large percentage of that was start-up costs that won’t have to get repeated this year. Building barns and greenhouses gets a bit expensive, but done right they last a while. Anyway, with the magic of the internet, the taxes have already been filed and we may get our money back by the end of the month.

I’ve been a busy beaver on the Town & Gown website this week, too. Many of the ttols I’ve written are for theater management (and thus behind the scenes), but the public site has been getting a lot of attention, too.

And wonder of wonders, I’ve been productive at work, too, catching up on a huge backlog that had piled up behind a rather tricky installation of a new interface between our software and a new accounting vendor. But that’s working now, so I’m trying to tear through the backlog to keep the older customers from getting to upset at the wait.

In related news, my wife is leaving a job that’s placed a high demand on her time of late (she’s leaving for Chicago for ten days Monday morning). At the end of the month, she’ll take a position at my office. That ought to cut down on our incidental expenses quite a bit, not to mention increase the time we can actually see each other.

So… busy but productive.

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  1. I find its when they thaw that they get nasty, those pipes. :P

    Comment by Jen — 1/21/2003 @ 9:59 am

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