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I’ve added a copyright notice to the bottom of this page, using one of the licenses released today by Creative Commons. I’ve granted permission to use anything of my creation from this weblog for any non-commercial purpose. You can copy my wrings verbatim or use any of my photographs, so long as you give me credit. You can re-use my creations to create works of your own (such as photoshopping one of my photographs), so long as you release the resulting work under this same license.

One of my biggest complaints about society is how industry is claiming exclusive rights to things that ought to be (and have always been) common property, and how industry takes advantage of creators for its own financial gain (see the RIAA, for example), and how our lawmakers allow this behavior and encourage it by granting virtual unlimited copyright and patent lengths.

Besides complaining, it doesn’t appear that there is a lot I can do. But I’ve found ways that, while small in themselves, add up. I buy music directly from the artist. I grow heirloom vegetables naturally. I avoid patronizing companies that abuse the medical and agricultural systems. And I can share my creations with the world. Creative Commons didn’t make this possible, but they have made it absurdly easy. And if its easy, perhaps most everyone will do the same and before we know it, the big industries will lose some of their power.

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