Quick storm

Filed under:General — eric @ 12:12 pm

Something akin to a small tornado tore through the farm today, just before I left for work. The sky got very dark, so I couldn’t see, the rain fell might hard, and the big wind came. It only lasted a few minutes, and then all was calm again. I went outside to find the small chciken huts in the neighbors pasture. The tin roof on his well house was peeled back. Several trees across the driveway were down. The only “damage” to our house was the satellite dish was popinted in a new direction. I cleaned up what I could and then left for work. There were only two trees down across the highway that I had to wait for the crew to cut. The scariest sight was seeing the car that spun around and impaled itself on a guard rail. Right through the drivers side door. The authorities were on the scene already, so I didn’t stop.

In other news, I found a tiny screwdriver today and took apart my handspring visor. I looked at all the pieces, and then carefully put them all back together again. When the last screw was back in place, it seemed to work again. We’ll see how long that lasts.