NMT’s Stealth Force Beta

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I’ve just blown the afternoon reliving my college days — or, more specifically, my college nights — by reading an on-line account of the exploits of New Mexico Tech’s Stealth Force Beta. Led by General Sasquatch (who was also known during his student career as publisher of the student newspaper and student body president), Stealth Force Beta got themselves into every nook and cranny possible on campus and performed daring feats of “constructive vandalism” before graduation dispersed the team.

The members of this team were all a year or two ahead of me, but given the small and isolated nature of the school, I knew all of them very well. Thanks to their code of secrecy, I didn’t even know the undercover nature of the group existed, and could only speculate that they were involved in the vandalism incidents. Interestingly enough, my more immediate circle of friends were similar enough to this bunch that we were doing many of the exact same things, often at the same time. Because of that, I got a special joy reading these — I’d been through similar trials or had solved the same problems differently.

The General has always been a great story teller. Even those many of you that have never heard of Tech other than through my ramblings should enjoy what he’s got here.

And maybe in a year or two, when the statute of limitations expires for me, I can add to the Tech lore with stories about the Eaton Hall Social Club, the Office Supply Store, the Midnight Mining Society* , using well-practiced clandestine entry techniques to win Killer and Laser Tag games, and other bits of fun.

One thing that surprised me was the group’s concern about being spotted by Campus Police. Once, while caught in a potentially compromising position during one of my activities, I assumed an attitude of “I’m only doing what I’m supposed to be doing”. The patrolling officer came over to me, shined the light on me, and said, “Oh! It’s you.” And he went on his way.

Techies who were there at the same time as me may enjoy the brief cameo by “Bouncy Ball Jack”. He annoyed the entire student body, and I fondly remember the time I accidentally kicked his bouncing ball a few hundred yards down the longest sidewalk on campus. I wouldn’t have ever done it on purpose and couldn’t have recreated it if I tried, but the event coupled with his reaction to it made it priceless.

* Actually, the cover of that bit of fun got blown wide open when the entire local Search and Rescue team got called out, featuring Schlake in a full anti-radiation suit, just because we’d asked for a rope ladder. After laying low for a bit, we resumed, only to be halted again when the area we used became the target zone for heavy artillery testing.


  1. Ah yes, those wild days of college. I remember the summer SAR had to ask for a larger climbing harness. sigh…

    Comment by Anonymous — 11/26/2002 @ 1:38 am

  2. I tell you, Jeff, all we needed was a rope ladder!

    Comment by eric — 11/26/2002 @ 1:58 am

  3. Holy shit! Who knew that Eric and Jennifer Backstrom were such wild asses?!? Once again…this confirms that I slept too much in college. Maybe this is why, at the ripe old age of 32, I feel the need to bicycle drunk across town in the middle of the night. Maybe there’s a purple toe out there for me still…

    Comment by M — 11/26/2002 @ 12:07 pm

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