Tree of Gold

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In 1997, the centuries-old only known giant golden spruce near Port Clements, British Columbia was cut down in the dead of night by Grant Hadwin. This action, labeled eco-terrorism, was his attempt to call attention to the mis-management of British Columbia’s timber resources. Days before his court appearance, he disappeared. The New Yorker tells the story. Found via Robot Wisdom.

Letter from the Grave

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Robert Flores is the man who shot two nursing professors, a student, and himself at the University of Arizona last week. One of his last acts before the shootings was to mail a 23 page letter trying to explain himself to a local newspaper. That letter has been scanned in and posted in its entirety by the Arizona Star. (Note: the server is very slow and you are likely to get “timeout” errors at some or all of the pages. Just hit relaod until it comes through.) Compare that with a letter written by Cheryl McGaffic, one of his victims.