Every vegetable farm needs greenhouses

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This last weekend, I cashed in the money I received for directing the play in Commerce for two greenhouses for the farm. They’re much like these, but 14 feet wide and 48 feet long. In them, we’ll be able to start all of our vegetable seedlings and extend the growing season considerably. I’m excited to get them, and am looking forward to building them in the upcoming weeks. I never thought I’d be able to afford them so soon, but a local nursery makes their own and sells the pieces to other area growers for little more than cost. So they were a fraction of what I’d thought they’d cost us.

In other farm news, we scoped out the local small animal livestock auction the other night. I’d hoped to see what the goats looked like, but there weren’t any of those. Instead, there were many, many birds (with a few fighting cocks in there) and rabbits. We ended up buying a couple guinea fowl, possibly a boy and a girl. They are very pretty and yet somehow among the ugliest birds I’ve ever seen. And loud. They’re very good at eating ticks and (supossedly) fire ants. They make loud screeches at anything they don’t know (though with the memory span of a goldfish, that’s most everything). We really got them to help us battle to large Cooper’s Hawks that have set up home on our land. They’ve already gotten at least one chicken, and we’re trying to persuade them to go eat elsewhere. I’m hoping they’re just passing through on the migratory trail.

Also, a puppy may be arriving soon.