Audible.com is a-ok

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I’m not one to usually do plugs for commercial sites here, but when I find one that’s worth while, I ought to share it. So let me push Audible.com out at you. These guys have thousands of audio-books for the downloading. Once you’ve got them, you can listen on your computer, on a wide range of MP3 players, your palm or pocket computers, and even your CD player. The cost can add up if you buy a book at a time, but I’ve been on the Audible Listener plan for a while, which lets me select a book a month (no matter the price) and a subscription to a periodical. ( I choose a subscription to This American Life each month. Even though I could listen for free from their website, Audible lets me listen in my car whenever I want to.)

The books I’ve selected range from a $90 18-hour history of Rome to Ray Bradbury reading the complete Martian Chronicles (complete with unscripted commentary between each part of the book!) to popular social history books from James Burke and similar writers. A travelogue through southern Appalachia, Fast Food Nation, How the Irish Saved Civilization. I had guessed that most audio-books were edited versions of the printed original, but I’ve found that most all of them are unabridged.

So, it’s been a great bargain for me. $12.95 a month to learn and be entertained while I drive. If you decide it’s a good deal for you, too, tell ‘em ewagoner sent you.