I get my life back

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Now that the events of the last two weeks are over, I get my life back. Starting tomorrow, that is, because right now I’m dead to the world. I deluded myself into thinking that I could come into work today, energized by the conference. It turns out that creatively, I’m energized and ready to do good things but my body is exhausted and demanding some down time. So, that’s what it’ll get.

As a reward for making it through and for having everything turn out to be a smashing success, I went out and bought Stronghold, the first computer game that I have bought in three years. My coworker Paul has been raving about this game for months (Speaking of Paul, today he got a big box of honestly named toilet paper.), and at first glance it appears he’s been right.

Everything was a smashing success, by the way. The play was wildly well received (even to the point of having to pause for thunderous applause in the middle of a scene. I’d not ever had that happen before. The training conference was a lot of work, but our customers seem genuinely happy and excited about our products. As customer support manager, that makes my job a lot less stressful.

So, maybe starting on Monday, this place will turn back into the regularly updated chatty kind of place it used to be. Maybe.