Hermann, Missouri Bed and Breakfast

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If you’re ever in central Missouri, even just driving through, take the time to visit the town of Hermann. It was settled by a group of Germans from Philadelphia in the early 1800’s, who fully expected the town to be even larger than Philly some day. They failed in that aim, but the town itself is quite the charmer. Early architecture abounds and the German heritage is evident everywhere. Before prohibition, the third largest winery in the world was located there. One of the things you’ll discover during your stay was how brutal the feds were in enforcing prohibition: hundred year old vinyards were uprooted and burned, immense imported oak barrels (often carved with scenes fitting for a European cathedral) where axed and destroyed, and wine cellars were blocked off. Nevermind that all of these things had legitimate non-alcohol uses. The wineries have slowly returned over the last thirty years, and all are open for tuors and samples. And, for accomodations, you can’t go wrong with Birk’s Gast Haus, a wonderful (and inexpensive!) bed and breakfast. The hosts there went well beyond the call of duty to insure a comfortable stay and even loaned us bikes to get around town with. There are 40+ B&B’s in town, but none could be better than Birk’s.