On the road

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The missus and I are taking to the road again tonight, with a whirlwind trip to Hermann, Missouri and back. One of my best buddies (going back 22 years) is getting married, so there I’ll be.

I’m taking advantage of some of the neat toys we have lying around the office, too. For example: a Magellan GPS unit that plugs into my Handspring Visor (a palm pilot-like device) and tells us where we are, were we’re going, and exactly how to get there. With maps and the whole nine yards. I’ve got my laptop loaded with MP3s and audio books, enough to last us for weeks should that become necessary. We’ll be back late Monday.

To the deer that have been hanging around the house: you’ve already eaten all of our beans. Please leave us at least some of the squash while we’re gone. Thanks!