Time flies

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I just noticed six days have gone by since I last wrote here. I don’t know why it’s been so long, and thinking back, I don’t know if anything’s really happened during the last week.

I went to market on Saturday and sold out of everything. People even bought my samples. That’s never happened before.

I started rehearsals for Larry Shue’s The Foreigner last week. I’m directing, and my pay will allow me to buy a greenhouse this fall. After a week of rehearsals, I promptly lost my lead actor, but I was able to find a more than capable replacement.

Though it wasn’t due to your constant urges, I went and saw a professional for my back last week. A Kinesiologist who has done some wonderful work with others I know. He’s helped me isolate my pain to a single muscle, and I have stretching excercises to help me heal it. No drugs needed.

But other than that, nothing’s really happened.