Elipogue’s Travelogue

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Randy drove a Ryder truck from San Diego to north of Seattle and took pictures along the way. They’re assembled in one of the most elegant and beautiful photo logs that I’ve ever seen. Careful — all images load at once, so if you’re on a dial-up, it’ll take a while.

Headphone-less headphones?

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Imagine this: a sound system “speaker” that instead of blasting out soundwaves in the audible range sends out a highly-focused direction beam of ultrasound, completely inaudible to the human ear. But when your head is placed inside the beam, your skull transforms these waves into something that only you can hear. Headphone-less headphones. That’s exactly what Elwood Norris has built and is demonstrating to industry. The article points out some of the neat-o uses for such a technology as well as showing how it can be used for evil.

Nimoy & Bilbo

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I imagine everyone reading this has heard Leonard Nimoy’s Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, but did you know he did a music video for it? I didn’t, until Mr. Pants told me.