Bye bye, Saturn

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It was a kinda sad day yesterday. After 39 months, a timespan that has seen incredible change in my life, I had to part ways with my beloved Saturn. It was a 1999 Green SL2. I leased it, mostly because there wasn’t any other way to get a dependable car then. Apart from a horrendous hassle from the dealer (who was a typical car dealership, and not a typical Saturn dealer), it was a wonderful car. I didn’t have a single problem with it. Not so much as a flat tire or a traffic ticket.

I never got around to giving it a name, because I was waiting for some sort of personality trait to base the name on. Some quirk or something, you know? But it was ruthlessly efficient in getting me where I wanted to go in comfort. It carried my many things without complaint. It was too machine-like for a name, I guess.

Anyway, the lease was up yesterday. With the farm now, we really needed a pickup and Saturn doesn’t make one of those. So I took it back to there I got it, gave back the keys, and walked away. (Well, rode away actually. Chris met me there.)


  1. I am at a really strange cross roads right now…I’m spending alot of time with people who think that cars are evil…and yet I really do have an emotional attachment to mine…not because I’m a gas guzzling nut, but because Sheldon has been with me since I was 18 years old and, on the whole, has done a great job. I know that I should think about getting a new car soon, as I’ll be forced to drive all over the state due to work…but the day I walk away from Sheldon is really going to be tough.

    Comment by M — 8/7/2002 @ 9:14 am

  2. Parting with my Nova was painful last year (and not just because I broke Kim’s toe) because it was the first car that was all mine. Wrecking it sucked. It’s name was Elmo. When I bought my Saturn I named her Lolita, because she was young (a 2001 that had been a lease car) and sexy. At least, sexy to me. :) Saturns are awesome (although I can’t boast never getting a traffic ticket, alas).

    Comment by Blaise — 8/7/2002 @ 11:22 am

  3. We love our Saturn too! Its a 2001 L200 and very roomy. We leased it also b/c it was the best alternative at the time. Eventually, I would love to buy the VUE(when they lower the price) but the real question then is will my loving husband, Bryan, FIT in it? The whole six-foot-seven-inch deal can be restricting when purchasing automobiles! ;)

    Comment by Lauren — 8/11/2002 @ 8:42 am

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