New Tractor?

Filed under:General — eric @ 4:15 am

With any luck, tonight I’ll be the owner of a 1976 Gravely Tractor, with optional seat and mower/brush cutter. These tried-and-true walk-behind tractors are ideal for land like ours. The tractors themselves aren’t easy to buy, because owners tend to hold on to them for life, but I found one on ebay that’s within a three hour drive away. And while the tractors themselves may be hard to buy, the attachments and parts are plentiful.

UPDATE: No luck. As happens all so often on ebay, a dealer swept in at the last moment and snapped it up. I was there, hitting refresh like a madman up to the end, and with 4 seconds to go, he beat my price. I tried to type in a higher number (it was still below value), but couldn’t get it done.