Missed Commercials

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Since the television programs I watch have been captured by the TiVo, I haven’t watched commercials in a long time. Yeah, shame on me for stealing from the broadcasters. Anyway, because of this, I miss things like announcements of new movies and odd things like Stop the Polyp! and Watch the Frog. That’s where knowing Kristie and Patty comes in handy.

Key to Time

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Autographed copies of the DVD box set of Doctor Who’s Key to Time series, featuring voice overs by Tom Baker and Mary Tamm, is available for pre-order at Tom Baker’s web site.

Stock Prices, Revisited

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Those people freaking out over the plummeting stock markets obviously didn’t read my announcement last year. True, I did expect the lows to come six months ago, but I didn’t anticipate 9/11 and the wave of patriotism that pushed the markets higher for a while. Now that that’s over with, real market forces are back in control and I stand by my previous announcement.

Fringe Solar Birth Theory

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A pair of astrophysicists at the school I surly would have gone to had I remained in-state are advancing a theory that the solar system did not convalesce from a nebula of interstellar gasses, but rather from the remnants of a supernova, the core of which is still embedded at the center of our sun. It’s certainly not mainstream astrophysics, but it may be right.