Bad Back

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The last week has been dominated by a single event, and I haven’t yet mentioned it here. So here goes…

Ten days or so, I began feeling a little twinge in my lower back, just inside the left hip. I took it easier than I would have liked, leaving several garden jobs unfinished, but by the end of the workday on Monday, it was all I could do to move. It took me nearly fifteen minutes to make it the hundred feet from my office desk to my car, and the ride home was terrible I stopped on the way at a pharmacy and struggled to make it in and out of the store. A man stopped me in the parking lot (well away from anything to lean on) and asked, “Your back hurt?” When I nodded yes, he began to tell me all about his back and wondered if I had any suggestions for him. I tried to be polite, but probably failed when I told him that if it was obvious by looking at my that I was in terrible pain, then maybe I wasn’t the best person to be asking for pain relief suggestions. And then I discovered a cruel joke played by the drug: store — all the back pain medicines were on the bottom shelf. [Note to self: remember them when you’re evil overlord.]

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home, mostly in bed. Things started getting better, but I discovered that sitting down caused the problem. Laying down took the weight off, but standing actually seemed to improve things. So, Thursday and Friday I was back at the office. I set my laptop atop two large boxes stacked on my desk and stood all day.

I worked slowly on the farm this weekend, doing enough to get by, but still leaving plenty undone. I’m back to sitting at work today, but only for a half-hour or so. Things are slowly improving. I’m still wondering what it was exactly (my guess is a muscle/tendon pull on the inside edge of the pelvis) and I now know that if I begin to feel it again in the future not to sit down. Also, even though I’ve never seen mention of this on the exercise charts, wincing can apparently give you a good workout. Even though I ate the same and worked out less, I managed to lose ten pounds last week. Two pairs of jeans that I bought a few weeks ago, already on the small side, now need a belt to stay on.

Folding Chairs

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Folding chairs have a long and glorious history dating back to at least ancient Egypt, and designboom is there to tell us all about it. With pictures!