Better tools

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A new version of Movable Type, the system I use to maintain this weblog and many other portions of my web space, was released over the weekend. Among the steps forward are support for MySQL (an open-source database that has become a standard for web applications) and something entirely new called TrackBack.

It’s hard to describe what this actually is, but it may revolutionize the weblog format. It allows a threaded discussion between sites, so that (for example) a weblog author using MovableType could post an entry mentioning my blackberry story. That entry written by someone I may not even know could then be inserted into my own commenting system. Or, if I were to add a category structure to my farm’s site like, say, recipes, I could allow other weblog authors to post to both their site and mine at the same time. There’s other uses for multi-site threaded discussion that will sort themselves out over time. Could be really neat, it could never get used. We’ll see.

Incorrect Music

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Somehow I’d entirely missed the wonder that is Incorrect Music, a radio show on WFMU every Wednesday afternoon. Incorrect music presents “present an asylum of crackpot and visionary music, covering sounds that are atrocious, outsider, blasphemous, or just plain WRONG,” and it’s wonderful. They’re on summer hiatus, but you can listen to most of their previous shows right on the website in Real format. Their last show, number 235, was a two-hour special. My friend Matt Goolsby may want to forward to 1:55 first, and then rewind to catch the rest.