New Tractor?

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With any luck, tonight I’ll be the owner of a 1976 Gravely Tractor, with optional seat and mower/brush cutter. These tried-and-true walk-behind tractors are ideal for land like ours. The tractors themselves aren’t easy to buy, because owners tend to hold on to them for life, but I found one on ebay that’s within a three hour drive away. And while the tractors themselves may be hard to buy, the attachments and parts are plentiful.

UPDATE: No luck. As happens all so often on ebay, a dealer swept in at the last moment and snapped it up. I was there, hitting refresh like a madman up to the end, and with 4 seconds to go, he beat my price. I tried to type in a higher number (it was still below value), but couldn’t get it done.



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Sorry, Schlake. I’d thought your ‘turnips’ were just soaking up pork juices and seasonings. If that’s their native color, then they’re not turnips at all but good old rutabagas.

Impact threat

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The Palermo Scale is used by astronomers to measure the risk imposed to earth by an asteroid. It’s a logarithmic scale with values ranging (roughly) from -7 to +7. The specks of dust that hit us every day are at the low end and the dinosaur killer-type would be at the high end. Anything less than -2 can be ignored, and those between -2 and zero merit careful monitoring. For the first time, an object with a value greater than zero has been discovered — 0.06. Further observations will modify this, hopefully back into negative territory.

I went to post this to MetaFilter, but they’re already on the case.


M’s fairytale life

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Many congratulations go out to M for her new fairy tale life.


Overheard at the Farmers’ Market

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Overheard at the farmers’ market (from people under 3 feet tall):

  • (while looking at a rooster) “Don’t touch it. It might be poisonous!”
  • (while examining bins of produce) “It’s a weed.” “It is not a weed!”
  • “It looks like you live on a farm.”


Missed Commercials

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Since the television programs I watch have been captured by the TiVo, I haven’t watched commercials in a long time. Yeah, shame on me for stealing from the broadcasters. Anyway, because of this, I miss things like announcements of new movies and odd things like Stop the Polyp! and Watch the Frog. That’s where knowing Kristie and Patty comes in handy.

Key to Time

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Autographed copies of the DVD box set of Doctor Who’s Key to Time series, featuring voice overs by Tom Baker and Mary Tamm, is available for pre-order at Tom Baker’s web site.

Stock Prices, Revisited

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Those people freaking out over the plummeting stock markets obviously didn’t read my announcement last year. True, I did expect the lows to come six months ago, but I didn’t anticipate 9/11 and the wave of patriotism that pushed the markets higher for a while. Now that that’s over with, real market forces are back in control and I stand by my previous announcement.

Fringe Solar Birth Theory

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A pair of astrophysicists at the school I surly would have gone to had I remained in-state are advancing a theory that the solar system did not convalesce from a nebula of interstellar gasses, but rather from the remnants of a supernova, the core of which is still embedded at the center of our sun. It’s certainly not mainstream astrophysics, but it may be right.


Hungry Tiger

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A tiger after my own heart!

Message from Mikey

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Mikey, guitarist for the immensely popular Athens band Widespread Panic shared some extremely bad news with his fans yesterday.


Bad Back

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The last week has been dominated by a single event, and I haven’t yet mentioned it here. So here goes…

Ten days or so, I began feeling a little twinge in my lower back, just inside the left hip. I took it easier than I would have liked, leaving several garden jobs unfinished, but by the end of the workday on Monday, it was all I could do to move. It took me nearly fifteen minutes to make it the hundred feet from my office desk to my car, and the ride home was terrible I stopped on the way at a pharmacy and struggled to make it in and out of the store. A man stopped me in the parking lot (well away from anything to lean on) and asked, “Your back hurt?” When I nodded yes, he began to tell me all about his back and wondered if I had any suggestions for him. I tried to be polite, but probably failed when I told him that if it was obvious by looking at my that I was in terrible pain, then maybe I wasn’t the best person to be asking for pain relief suggestions. And then I discovered a cruel joke played by the drug: store — all the back pain medicines were on the bottom shelf. [Note to self: remember them when you’re evil overlord.]

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home, mostly in bed. Things started getting better, but I discovered that sitting down caused the problem. Laying down took the weight off, but standing actually seemed to improve things. So, Thursday and Friday I was back at the office. I set my laptop atop two large boxes stacked on my desk and stood all day.

I worked slowly on the farm this weekend, doing enough to get by, but still leaving plenty undone. I’m back to sitting at work today, but only for a half-hour or so. Things are slowly improving. I’m still wondering what it was exactly (my guess is a muscle/tendon pull on the inside edge of the pelvis) and I now know that if I begin to feel it again in the future not to sit down. Also, even though I’ve never seen mention of this on the exercise charts, wincing can apparently give you a good workout. Even though I ate the same and worked out less, I managed to lose ten pounds last week. Two pairs of jeans that I bought a few weeks ago, already on the small side, now need a belt to stay on.

Folding Chairs

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Folding chairs have a long and glorious history dating back to at least ancient Egypt, and designboom is there to tell us all about it. With pictures!



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Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Athens, Royston, Eric, Male, 31-35!

For more information on this sytem of indexing weblogs, visit http://www.blogchalking.tk/.


Shooby Taylor

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What do you get when a fellow with a questionable voice scats over the top of gospel and lounge classics? Shooby Taylor! Yes, there are MP3s.


Locally Grown Website

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A recent top-secret web project of mine went live this morning. I won’t link to it directly, but if you’re interested in locally grown natural produce, send me an email and I’ll share the link. If you’re in the Athens area, you can use it right away. If you’re not in the area, you can still look, but you won’t find it all that useful. If we started shipping our produce, it wouldn’t be “locally grown”.


Bedtime stories?

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While playing around with Hit or Miss’s tools, I found another Matt put together. To hear it in action, call 1-800-555-TELL and when the recording begins press 130662. It’s Kestrel’s Nest, read to you over the phone. Program your speed dials now!

Updated Favorites

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I’ve updated the “a few favorites” section over on the sidebar. It’s dynamically generated using the Daily Crawl utility written by Matt at Hit or Miss. He’s als owritten a script that automatically includes what his TiVo’s recording on his weblog, but I lack all sorts of connectivity to manage that.


Alton on NPR

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Alton Brown, host of Good Eats, was on NPR’s All Things Considered this weekend, talking about such things as cooking Tuna on the grill and smoking salmon in a trash can. You can watch and/or listen on NPR’s website. (They’ve backed of on their linking policy, so it’s OK for me to link this.)

Virulent Memes

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Virulent Memes, welcome to Movable Type! Looks like you’ve got things up and running quite well.

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