Odds and Ends

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Another busy week and month is drawing to a close and again I’m left wondering where the time went.

The play I’m in opened last night. We had a good show and a sparse audience. It closes tomorrow, on my sister Adrienne’s birthday. A character with the same name has a small but dramatically intense appearance in the show. Happy birthday, A!

The farm’s to do list is getting longer rather than shorter. While it can seem overwhelming at times, and it’s meant putting aside the day-to-day-living type of things like, say, unpacking the kitchen from our mover seven months ago, I think we’ve done really well considering what this place was like when we bought it. And we’re bringing in enough money to cover most of our expenses for the year, which is really good since a lot of those were one-time-only startup costs. Sometimes I ignore all those and just say the farm is covering more than half the mortgage all by itself.

After another wonderful meal there last night (a simple mushroom cheeseburger that still manager to be the best burger I’ve had in a long time), I’ve discovered that my new favorite restaurant is called “Hudson Carter’s CLOCKED” with the byline “…food for the space age…”