Good Eating

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I am reminded again how lucky I am to be living near Athens. Yes, I know there are other similar towns (reports continue to come in extolling the virtues of Iowa City, Madison, and Seattle), but I don’t see how they can beat where I am.

I just had an hour to kill between work and dress rehearsal for the play I’m in. The show’s at the Morton Theatre downtown. I’ve written about the place before (it’s a fabulous formerly Black owned and operated theater that brought in some of this century’s entertainment giants), but can’t link to it due to my using my Handspring to post this backstage.

Anyway, I went down the block to what used to be a great hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean restaurant. Now it’s a hole-in-the-wall diner-type named, as far as I could tell, “Diner”. I plopped on a comfy couch and browsed the menu. It consisted of various burgers, sandwiches, grilled cheeses, pasta plates, fried potatoes in multiple forms, ice cream drinks, and the like. I settled on the fish and chips and iced tea (not sweet). While I waited, I read a copy of a magazine/book on the Beatles, 1963-1967. Meanwhile, the sounds of an equipment check drifted in from the 40 Watt a few doors down. As diverse a mix as you could imagine drifted in and out. When the basket arrived, I moved to a table and enjoyed what turned out to be the best fish and chips I’d ever had. Without all the atmosphere, they still would have been.

I’m an egg seller

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Like with many other agriculture products, the state of Georgia is very strict on who can sell eggs. If people come to your farm, it doesn’t matter, but the moment you bring an egg off your farm to sell to someone else, the state steps in. It used to be that folks with only a few chickens who sold less than 30 dozen eggs a week could escape regulation, but the large producers successfully sued the state into changing that law. Well, actually, they threatened a lawsuit and pressured the legislature into closing the hole for the little guy.

So, to be able to sell eggs at the market, I had to get liscensed by the Ag department. Today the regional guy-in-charge came by and gave me a two hour class and a written and practical test. I passed, so now I’m liscensed. However, I’m still supposed to buy some special equipment, and I’m not supposed to sell just “eggs”. They have to be graded and sized, just like the eggs from the store. We’ll see how well that goes…