Saunter a little

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Today is World Sauntering Day, so celebrate by going from point X to point Z in an appropriate manner. This day was created by W. T. Rabe at Mackinac Insland, the perfect place for sauntering. Other events Mr. Rabe created include Dancing Cuckoo Week (in January), the Mackinac Island Stone Skipping Tournament (July), and the very popular Unicorn Questing Month of October.


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Ahhh! One of my favorite shows on television is BBC’s Coupling. It’s funny and intelligent in a way that put it well above Friends. Now NBC has bought the rights to the show and will set it in LA with American actors. I can’t think of a single instance where we’ve inproved on a BBC show and am having a hard time even thinking of one that held its own. Except for the accents, there was nothing inherently British about the show; NBC would be much better off just airing the original rather than trying to remake it. Although, there’ve only been 15 episodes of the original made so far.

That’s a winner

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Growing up in Missouri, I listened to a lot of St. Louis Cardinals baseball games on the radio. They were all called by Jack Buck, who passed away yesterday. Since I was fairly isolated in the country, playing basebal with other people was pretty rare, so I had to play my own games with a rubber ball against the side of our shed. The shed was the batsman, and I was the pitcher and fielders. But I wasn’t so much imitating the players (except for Ozzie — trying to do his summersaulting diving catches were just all out fun) as imitating Jack’s play by play. Out loud, even. I thought of him during my own brief stint in radio, though my play by plays of the local parades weren’t near Buck’s quality. He’ll be missed.


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I talk basil and give my pesto recipe on the front page of this week’s food section of the Athens Banner-Herald.

Permission to link

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Some big businesses have taken to the absurd notion that one must obtain permission before linking to their online content. This is akin to a department store forbidding you to tell your friend which aisle you can find socks or a restaurant forbidding you to tell anyone their street address. And now NPR, who really ought to know better, has announced the same policy. Well, boo to them. Here’s a here’s a completely unauthorized link to this morning’s segment on World Sauntering Day from Morning Edition in RealAudio format. And, for good measure, here’s a link to their segment on Jack Buck. Take that, National Public Radio!

(Side note: The NPR web staff munged their own link to the World Sauntering Day story. My link may be the only one in the world that correctly points to the story, and it’s 100% unauthorized.)