Surviving Market

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Some of you may have been wondering (after my not writing all week) if we survived market last week.

The short answer: yes. But barely. We had a lot to harvest, and Chris ended up having a last-minute appointment of her own on Saturday, so I was pretty much on my own. Harvesting took six hours or so, lasting well into the night on Friday, through several periods of rain. After a couple hours’ nap, I awoke to a downpour. A quick check at the radar confirmed it would last all day, and include lightning and possible hail. And so I set off into the storm to sell vegetables at the outdoor market. Folly, maybe, but I was still eager to be there, and the vegetables would not last another week. (Nor would that have lasted unharvested another week). We bought a pavilion a few weeks ago, mostly to keep the sun off of us, so I didn’t have to stand directly in the rain for several hours. Still, there were drips and gusts, so nothing stayed dry. A few customers came by, maybe a dozen or so over the six hours I was there. The take at the end of the day: $15. Not bad, considering. But I’d only sold a few percent of the goods I brought. Fortunately, the next day was better, so I brought everything along to a membership meeting at the theater and sold off quite a bit more and increased the week’s take to $56. Even still, the chickens got to eat most of what I’d picked.

This week will be better. There’s not as much to harvest, so tonight’s work will go faster. Chris can help this time. There are thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow, but not as severe as last week, and they may miss us yet.

To see the weekly newsletter, visit the farm’s website. They’re in MS Word format — I’ll port them to something more universal sometime.


  1. Congratulations! Do you hope sometime to quit your day job and farm fulltime?

    Comment by Matt — 5/13/2002 @ 9:06 am

  2. The rains here are bad. Cold temperatures have combined with wet weather to delay planting schedules in our area…folks are really starting to worry that if it doesn’t let up soon, the farmers won’t be able to get their crops in the ground with any sort of reasonable amount of growing time.

    Comment by M — 5/13/2002 @ 11:39 am

  3. i have heard alot of things that a lot of people have said about us nuwaubians, you don’t know us. as children we are taught don’t judge a book by it’s cover,open it and read it and then judge,so if you have never met him you know nothing.

    Comment by rhonda — 7/23/2002 @ 12:53 pm

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